1. rocketpowers:

    there are teenagers who have unprotected sex but have a case for their iphone

    just let that sink in

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    We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….

    This guy knows his shit on how to kiss a girl.

    Always reblog

    can i get a kiss like this please 

    I love kissing

    This would be spot on.

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    Cutest thing ever

    The most precious thing ive reblogged in a long time

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    Zedd ~ Coachella 2014

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  4. "Don’t waste sunsets with people who will be gone by sunrise."

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  5. clannyphantom:

    i will never understand teenage boys ever because a boy in my gym class said he would feel uncomfortable if there was a gay guy in the change room with them and not even 5 minutes later he tried to shove a hockey stick up his friends ass

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    I was listening to Kaskade’s Live EDC Set and he shouted this. -Maomi

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